2021 Wine Auction Committee

Wine Auction Chairs

Rachel Disser, Co-Chair

Rich Janson, Co-Chair

Silent and Live Auction

Heather Interian, Co-Chair

Erin Levin, Co-Chair

Tammy Choy

JJ Corr

Caroline Graeff

Jennifer Klimas 

Jen Linney

Dana Lupton

Cat McComb

Kate Pennino

Lisa Quarello

Kimberly Rosenfeld

Hannah Sorel

Debbie Tran Blackman

Bea Zimbalist


Kathi Colligan, Chair

Katie Driscoll

Kristal Lane

Amy Pearce

Wine Procurement and Coordination/Pre-Events

Rich Janson, Chair

Courtney Black

Rachel Disser

Andrea Hutter

Lee Hutter

Roger Spencer

Anthony Ferguson

Brent Sprenkle

Wineries & Beverage

Ralph Canada, Co-Chair

Chris Ryan, Co-Chair

Kelly Axelrad

Teresa Carlson

Adam Craun

Jacob Dax

Adam Quarello 

Event Production

Kate Sinclair

Information Technology

Mark Maruyama

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