Paddle Raise for Programs

Each year the MBEF Board works together with Manhattan Beach Unified School District leadership to determine an immediate need to focus on during the Paddle Raise. Past initiatives have included math, STEAM, and visual arts. This year's Paddle Raise will focus on bringing our educators back to the classroom. Learn more below.

Education is the key to success and the foundation for building a better future.

That is why it is crucial to instill a lifelong love of learning in our students from a young age. A passion for learning not only helps individuals achieve their full potential, but it also fosters curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills that are essential for navigating the complexities of the modern world.

Our Manhattan Beach schools are known for being exceptional — not only because of the opportunities and classes that are offered, but because of the people who teach them. These are the role models who dedicate themselves to inspire and empower our children to learn. The English teacher who encourages a student to read a novel from a new genre. The PE teacher who  encourages students to strive to test their limits. The Counselor who suggests an unexpected elective that helps direct a new life passion. The Librarian who opens her door as a safe space to explore the world through books. The Teacher who challenges his students to go beyond the standard materials to elevate their learning. These educators are the backbone of our education system — their passion, dedication, and expertise are invaluable to the growth and development of our children.

Recent cuts forced by the limited state budget are going to impact the experiences our children have with these important educators next year. Let’s work together and commit to bringing our educators back to the classroom. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that every child in our community has the opportunity to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

Raise your paddle high in support of our Educators who instill a lifelong love of learning!

2024 Paddle Raise Donors

ABAR Foundation

Kerry & Mark Aguero

Ashley McCarthy & Bret Barker

Lisa Bennett

Lauren & Erik Benny

Liz Gallucci Bird

John Bowes

Vanessa Beer & Gabriel Brakin

Emily & Mike Brunick

Lauren & Kasey Burke

Irene & John Gonzalez-Castillo

Alice Kuo & John Chang

Christine & Harrison Clay

Jennifer & John Cochran

Stacey & Bill Corvalan

Jessica & Bryan LaCour

Diana & Radu Comas

Jennifer & Bryan Croft

Ben & Maribeth Cunningham

Angela & Malcolm Davies

Angela & Jake Dax

Heather & Dirk de Roos

Lana Choi & Kurt Decko

Madhuri & Puneet Dhawan

Brenda & Chris Diep

Courtney & Bill Dramis

Stephanie & Ori Dugary

Catherine Gunther & Alistair Farquharson

Nadine & Gary Flam

Anna & Darrin Frankel

Alan & Michelle Franz

Kim & Jon Friedman

Kimberly & Matthew Friesl

Stacey  and John Fundingsland

Meghan & Grover Geiselman

Amber McGovern & Scott Gelber

Susan & Judd Gilefsky

Robyn & Jason Glasgow

Jan Rhees & Michael Grady

Cathey & Tim Graves

Brenda & Bruce Greenberg

Marian Guirguis

Leena Rao & Suneel Gupta

Audra & Mike Hatch

Betty Wei & Brent Hawkins

Heather & Bob Hoffman

Jennifer Pham-Hott & Douglas Hott

Shannon Ward & Cameron Hull

Trisha & Michael Husson

Jennifer Huynh

Melissa & Sal Iacono

Kelly & Scott Irwin

Kathleen Paralusz & Brad Jacobson

Nancy & Chris James

Caroline & Douglas Johnson

Lauren & Michael Johnson

Kimberly & Christopher Jones

Myriam & Kristofer Jones

Cinthia & Peter Joyce

Kate & Britt Joyce

Emily & Ryan Kaplan

W&a & Chuck Kaminski

Vivian & Matthew Kelly

Pinky & Jim Kottoor

Anicia Mendez & Adam Krikorian

Christy & Andy Kubitz

Jill & Joe Lamkin

Amy & Bill Lange

Lemonade Stand Pacific 4th Graders

Dawnalyn Murakawa-Leopard & Dan Leopard

Charlotte & Russ Lesser

Nedda & Scot Lewers

Erin & Steve Levin

Ellen & Alex Lubman

Kristen Lukas

Dana & Keith Lupton

Lesley & Brett Lyon

Hilary & Rob Mahan

Hava & Jason Manasse

Romina & Jeffrey Manson

Cindy & Jaime Marian

Stephanie & Mark Maruyama

Kristin & Nathan Megaw

Shivani & Raj Mehrotra

Valerie & Paul Mellinger

Lauren & Ryan Miller

Lauren & Scott Moffat

Nayantara Kumar & Munish Mohendroo

Diane & Richard Montgomery

J.P. Morgan

Daniel Norville, Paradise Bowls, LLC

Brenda O’Leary

Cathy & James Oh

Jessica Kase & Christopher Olness

Jeanne & John Oshiro

Jennifer & Alejandro Otero

Stephanie & Rupert Parkes

Sally & Jason Peel

Colleen & CJ Pipkin

Jan & Chet Pipkin

Heather & Frederick Prelle

Susan & Todd Purdy

Lisa & Adam Quarello

Tiffany & Dave Quick

Christine & Andrew Rawson

Tara & Matthew Riley

Leah & Greg Rodgers

Nathalie & Jim Rosen

Caneel & Roy Rosenthal

Donna & Gary Rosenthal

Alison & Scott Rosenthal

Lisa & Afshin Safa

Bonnie & David Schwartz

Lan & Desmund Shirazi

Diana & David Skaar

Jean Slater

Angie & Jared Smith

Tara & Scott Sorensen

April & Roger Spencer

Melissa & Rod Spiegel

Kathy & Chris Stahl

Wesley Steffens, Vineyard 7&8

Lisa & Tom Stekol

Ronnie & Adam Sullins

Varona Nikore & Bhavik Thakkar

Sheryl & Jeff Thaler

Liz & Tim Tyndorf

Elisabeth & Michael Unton

Lena & Bryan Vann

Wysh & Dan Weinstein

Emily & Michael Wells

Janet Ray & Geoffrey Wells

Shannon & Michael Williams

Kathryn & Scott Withycombe

Bea & Larry Zimbalist

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