Paddle Raise for Programs

Each year the MBEF Board works together with Manhattan Beach Unified School District leadership to determine an immediate need to focus on during the Paddle Raise. Past initiatives have included math, STEM, and visual arts. The Paddle Raise effort is announced in May each year.

As a foundation committed to innovation, MBEF has directed significant funding towards project-based learning in our schools focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). From MakerSpace and Science Lab Specialists in our elementary schools, to STEM electives and advanced lab science support in our secondary schools, MBEF has been at the forefront of innovative programs.

We are witnessing the way in which our world operates change before our eyes, and our students must learn the skills necessary to keep ahead of the curve. Competing in today’s global economy and pursuing expanding employment opportunities in science and engineering related fields, is only feasible with access to a strong K–12 STEM education that is interwoven with core subjects. In traditional education, these subjects are taught with independent curriculum for each, but with an intensive interdisciplinary approach, students are prepared with the curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity necessary to succeed.

The important foundational concepts learned in STEM-based classrooms and programs promotes strategic critical thinking and creative problem solving to ensure our students can navigate and engage in a 21st century global society.

To build on the important STEM programs currently in practice with more resources to give our students the sort of learning environment and personalized instruction where an enthusiasm for STEM will thrive, the 2022 paddle raise focused on STEM, ensuring that we build on this momentum to equip our students with more opportunities for exploration and discovery. Thank you to all our donors for raising their paddle to support STEM in our schools.

2022 STEM Paddle Raise Donors




Michael Greenberg

Dora and Jon Seiffer


Amanda and Heath Gregory

Audra and Michael Hatch

Pipkin Family Foundation

Susan and Todd Purdy

Donna and Gary Rosenthal

Alison and Scott Rosenthal

Peir and Jeff Serota

Lan and Desmond Shirazi

Veronica and Adam Sullins


Lisa Bennet

Kate and Timothy Bergin

Katherine and Britt Joyce

Amy and Bill Lange

Stephanie and Mark Maruyama


Dave Baldwin

Camela Ott and Mark Bell

Diane and Danny Benjamin

Lorelei and Jason Chao

Kirsten and Michael Chen

Ivane Chou

Angela Constable and John Dowell

Kristie Daniel-DiGregio and Gino DiGregio

Katie and Keenan Driscoll

Sherolyn and Mike Duckworth

Jennifer and Christopher Fenton

Rhonda and Anthony Ferguson

Lawrence and Farnaz Flechner

Kimberly and Matthew Friesl

Jennifer Pham-Hott and Douglas Hott

Chris James

Gretchen and Rich Janson

Superna and Nandan Kalle

Wanda and Chuck Kaminski

Pinky and Jim Kottoor

Laney LA

Charlotte and Russell Lesser

Liv and Steven Long

Dana and Keith Lupton

Marissa and Ben Messer

Sarah and Justin Nedelman

Jeanne and John Oshiro

Brenda and Nathan Pingelton

Colleen and CJ Pipkin

Taylor Platt

Lisa and Adam Quarello

Tiffany and Dave Quick

Tara and Matthew Riley

Taleene and Spencer Rose

Nathalie and Jim Rosen

Angie and Jared Smith

Sheryl and Jeff Thaler

Joy Higa and Christopher Tuffli

Kaj Vazales

Selena and Fredrick Walker


Kerry Riccio Aguero and Mark Aguero

Rose and Bill Ahrens

Cathy and Sean Banchik

Cheryl Gussman & John Bowes

Emily and Mike Brunick

Tanja and Ralph Canada

Lana Choi and Kurt Decko

Monika and Lee Dover

Bill Dramis

Geoff Fallon

Katie Gunther and Alistair Farquharson

Jun and Tim Fogaren

Stacey and John Fundingsland

Trisha and Michael Husson

Kimberly and Robert Jones

Emily and Ryan Kaplan

Erin and Steve Levin

Cynthia and Jaime Marian

Zoya and John Matich

Kristen and Tyler Monroe

Jenny and Tyler Morant

Sally and Jason Peel

Ellen Scott

Kathy and Chris Stahl

Lisa and Tom Stekol

Wysh and Dan Weinstein

Emily Wells

Shannon and Michael Williams

$499 and Under

Krishna and Alan Berkes

Michelle McDonald and Dan Blakey

David Brennan

Jennifer and William Cram

Danielle Brown and Idris Curry

Heather and Dirk de Roos

Michael Dunitz

Jo and Gary Eggers

Zoe and Mike Frank

Michelle and Alan Franz

Kelly Sprick-Gagne and Brian Gagne

Shilpa Baweja and Raj Ganguly

Cathey and Tim Graves

Kathleen Paralusz and Brad Jacobson

Yolla Kairouz

Shweta and Sidarth Kapoor

Rachel Katz

Ellen Kubo and Allen Kirschenbaum

Bobbie and Paul Kokorowski

Heather Krueger

Jessica and Bryan LaCour

Kristen Lukas

Paige and Lauren Lupton

Tyler Messner

Aimee and Alexander Murashko

Melanie and Nicholas Murray

Katherine and Conor Neu

Eve Ahlers and Bill Nunan

Jennifer and Alejandro Otero

Nancy and Greg Reynolds

Vishal Sabharwal

Diana and David Skaar

Jean and Michael Slater

Tara and Scott Sorensen

Strohbehn Family

Betty and Raymond Wan

Kirsten and Derrick Wood

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