Paddle Raise Donors


Joan Jones
Ann Marie and Rich Whitney

Jan and Chet Pipkin
Dora and Jon Seiffer
Lydia and Michael King
W.M. Keck Foundation

Clare and Timothy Flynn
Kathryn and Jonathan Goulding
Marissa and Ben Messer
Monika and Aaron Mugg
Elisa and Shane Nickerson
Shauna and Michael Spenley

Kim and Craig Blum
Jenine and Brett Cravatt
Jennifer and Bryan Croft
Kim and Jon Friedman
Donna and David Hughes
Jennifer and Todd Klawin
Jennifer and Neil Laws
Valerie and Paul Mellinger
Catherine and Kyle Messman
Shannon and Bob Nicholson
Susan and Todd Purdy
Joni and Duilio Ramallo
Ellen and Mike Rosenberg
Donna and Gary Rosenthal
Alison and Scott Rosenthal
Lan and Desmund Shirazi
Stuckman/Krauch Families
Joy Higa and Chris Tuffli
Jenifer and Frank Vogel
Mandana Vossoughi and Amirhossein Zangiabadi

Emily and Mike Brunick
Alice Kuo and John Chang
Michelle and Dave Cormack
Bonnie and Michael Darrow
Heather and Dirk de Roos
Stacey and John Fundingsland
Andrea and Lee Hutter
Kate and Britt Joyce
Dana and Keith Lupton
Cynthia and Jaime Marian
Stephanie and Mark Maruyama
Carla and Gary Slavin
Tamara and Eric Smith

Klas and Colleen Back
Camela Ott and Mark Bell
Michelle McDonald and Dan Blakey
Chris and Geoffrey Bremer
Dawn and Ken Bush
Tanja and Ralph Canada
Jennifer and John Cochran
Dina Mayzlin and Aaron Cohen
Maribeth and Ben Cunningham
Angela and Jacob Dax
Madhuri and Puneet Dhawan
Rachel and Brian Disser
Katherine and Keenan Driscoll
Katie Gunther and Alistair Farquharson
Karen and Mark Farrell
Jennifer and Christopher Fenton
Farnaz and Lawrence Flechner
Hap Frank
Meghan and Grover Geiselman
Amanda and Heath Gregory
Colette and James Griffin
Audra and Mike Hatch
Trisha and Michael Husson
Andrea and Patrick Hynes
Karen and Ted Iantuono
Nancy Hesterberg and Chris James
Gretchen and Rich Janson
Wanda and Chuck Kaminski
Puneet and Komal Kapoor
Caroline and Stephen Keck
Betsey and Martin Keely
Quynhvan and Kevin King
Michael Kirton
Anicia Mendez and Adam Krikorian
Jessica and Bryan LaCour
Amy and Bill Lange
Charlotte and Russ Lesser
Erin and Steve Levin
Sharon and Steve Lewis
Lily Fong and Aaron Lowenberg
Susan and Allen Lynch
Hilary and Rob Mahan
Hava and Jason Manasse
Tommi and Perry Mann
Jill and Mike Matthews
Rebecca and Kit McCalla
Laurie and Tom McCarthy
Shelly and Peter Moglia
Nicholas and Kate Pennino
Colleen and CJ Pipkin
Courtney and Christopher Pogson
Tiffany and Dave Quick
Jan Rhees LLC
Neeraj and Sam Rotondo
Lisa Valde and Paul Severin
Katherine and Michael Sinclair
Tara and Scott Sorensen
Kristin and Charles Southey
April and Roger Spencer
Michelle and Christopher Sznewajs
Mariel and Remco Waller

Chris and John Alexiades
Lisa and Kyle Acquistapace
Laura and Roger Batchelder
Kate and Timothy Bergin
Heather and Tom Brady
Lorelei and Jason Chao
Mary Beth and David Christopher
Christine and Harrison Clay
Michelle and Ben Dale
Lana Choi and Kurt Decko
Grettel and Bill Fournell
Emily and Clinton Foy
Rita and Adam Goldston
Laura Howard
Kim and Aaron Howe
Stephanie and Tony Hsu
Kathleen Paralusz and Brad Jacobson
Jennifer Hodulik and Andrew Jurkowski
Jo-Ellen and John Karambelas
Kelly and Garrett Kelley
Marija Kosanovich
Elisabeth and David Lesser
Janette Macdonnell
Shivani and Raj Mehrotra
Dessa and Karl Meyer
Heidi and Mark O’Brien
Cory and Emmett O’Meara
Jeanne and John Oshiro
Jacqueline O’Sullivan
Ann and Mitchell Ozawa
Sondra and Russell Samuels
Heather and Patrick Schlehuber
Summer and Tom Sheets
Marguerite and Rod Spackman
Ruta and Brent Sprenkle
Celine and Matt Tevenan
Amy and David Traughber
Laura and Ben Trodd
Vicki and Dan Tyler
Wysh and Dan Weinstein
Robert Wilner
Jamie and Brett Wood
Bryan and Jennifer Yee
Kristen and Alex Yoffe

$499 and under
Courtney and Michael Black
Penny Bordokas
Lois Bourgon
David Sean Brennan
Whitney Burrell
Caroline and Daniel Chon
Holly Compton
Kathryn and Christopher Crawford
Andrea and Eric Custer
Christine Daviduk
Michelle Eddins
Nadege Klein-Flosse and Kote Flosse
Liz Gallucci Bird
Liz and Dan Grampp
Liz Mara Costa and Kevin Harris
Brent Hawkins
Kara and David Henschel
Heather and Bob Hoffman
Tammy McDaniel-Ives and Bob Ives
Anna Bargagliotti and Joseph Johnson
Lori Johnson
Kimberly and Jay Katsuyama
Alicia and Michael Kling
Bobbie and Paul Kokorowski
Melissa and Jeff Koskinen
Amanda and Mark Kresser
Carolyn and Rick Leserman
Dawnalyn Murakawa-Leopard and Dan Leopard
Nedda and Scott Lewers
Liv and Steven Long
Pamela and Matthew Luce
Lesley and Brett Lyon
Emily and George Macias
Holly and James Messer
Kristin and Kerry Millar
Julie Wauchope and Ihor Nadberezny
Kirsten and Ian Olsen
Evelyne Ouellet
Amy and Bobby Pearce
Sally and Jason Peel
GĂ©raldine and Mazhar Pepemehmetoglu
Katie and Brian Pincus
Sandy and Kevin Quigley
Jen and Carlos Ramirez
Ellen and Mitchell Regenstreif
Robyn and Dan Rogoff
Lori and Josh Rooney
Taleene and Spencer Rose
Ty Rossmann
Lee Ann and Damian Schantz
Catherine and Jonathan Schneider
Mojgan Vakili and Paul Shaheen
Sandra and Drew Shearer
Nicole and Steve Shepley
Kathy and Chris Stahl
Mandy and Mylan Stepanovich
Katherine Whittaker Stopp and Gregory Stopp
Carol Strohbehn
Olga Gonzalez-Silen and Jonathan Uslaner
Betty and Raymond Wan
Jacqueline and Matt Wheeler
Tina Steck and Stephen Young
Bea and Larry Zimbalist