Paddle Raise Donors


Pipkin Family Foundation
Dora and Jon Seiffer

Anonymous (1)
Laurie and Tom McCarthy

Alice Kuo and John Chang
Jenine and Brett Cravatt
Kristie Daniel-DiGregorio and Gino DiGregorio
Kim and Jon Friedman
Grand View PTA
Donna and David Hughes
Linda and Michael Kirton
Dana and Keith Lupton
Hilary and Rob Mahan
Valerie and Paul Mellinger
Monika and Aaron Mugg
Jan and Chet Pipkin
Susan and Todd Purdy
Joni and Duilio Ramallo
Donna and Gary Rosenthal
Alison and Scott Rosenthal
Lan and Desmund Shirazi
Melissa and Rod Spiegel
Shannon and Michael Williams

Anonymous (2)
Lisa Bennett
Michelle and Dave Cormack
Bonnie and Michael Darrow
Karen and Ted Iantuono
Amy and Bill Lange
Kate and Neil Malik
Stephanie and Mark Maruyama
Elisa and Shane Nickerson
Lisa and Adam Quarello
Tiffany and Dave Quick
Roy Rosenthal
April and Roger Spencer
Joy Higa and Chris Tuffli
Jessica and Glenn Vanzura

Camela Ott and Mark Bell
Michelle McDonald and Dan Blakey
Emily and Mike Brunick
Jennifer and John Cochran
Jennifer and William Cram
Maribeth and Ben Cunningham
Heather and Dirk de Roos
Madhuri and Puneet Dhawan
Laurie and Dennis Draper
Katherine and Keenan Driscoll
Katie Gunther and Alistair Farquharson
Ronda and Anthony Ferguson
Farnaz and Lawrence Flechner
Susan and Judd Gilefsky
Courtney and Barry Hill
Hunt Enterprises, Inc
Trisha and Michael Husson
Andrea and Patrick Hynes
Melissa and Sal Iacono
Gretchen and Rich Janson
Kate and Britt Joyce
Superna and Nandan Kalle
Wanda and Chuck Kaminski
April and Michael Kinninger
Catherine and Kevin Kramer
Lily Fong and Aaron Lowenberg
Candice and Culbert Lu
Ann Lundy
Cynthia and Jaime Marian
Jill and Mike Matthews
Shannon and Robert Nicholson
Jeanne and John Oshiro
Sally and Jason Peel
Kate and Nicholas Pennino
Colleen and CJ Pipkin
Patricia and Eric Pritz
Ellen Fraser-Scott and Brad Scott
Lisa Valde and Paul Severin
Kate and Michael Sinclair
Angie and Jared Smith
Tara and Scott Sorensen
Melissa and Paul Sugiura
Ronnie and Adam Sullins
Amy and David Traughber
Wysh and Dan Weinstein
Mary Helen Immordino-Yang and Kyle Yang
Deborah Arnold
Brooke and Stephen Zipperman

Anonymous (2)
Lisa and Kyle Acquistapace
Marcie and Corey Baim
Andrea and Jeffrey Barker
Amy and Donald Bindler
Courtney and Michael Black
Lorelei and Jason Chao
Denise and Matt Coit
Kathi and Perry Colligan
Lana Choi and Kurt Decko
Rachel and Brian Disser
Jennifer and Christopher Fenton
Jill and Glen Hansen
Kim and Aaron Howe
Kathleen Paralusz and Brad Jacobson
Nancy Hesterberg and Chris James
Bobbie and Paul Kokorowski
Dawnalyn Murakawa-Leopard and Dan Leopard
Erin and Steve Levin
Nedda and Scott Lewers
Pamela and Matthew Luce
Hava and Jason Manasse
Kate and Mark Manuel
Lisa Benacquista and Paolo Marescalchi
Dessa and Karl Meyer
Diane and Richard Montgomery
Cory and Emmett O’Meara
Alison Pascola
Heather and Frederick Prelle
Catherine and Jonathan Schneider
Mandy and Mylan Stepanovich
Mariel and Remco Waller

$499 and under
Anonymous (3)
Kerry and Mark Aguero
Kim and Cletus Bradley
Nicole and Daniel Brozost
Jen and Ed Burke
Lauren and Kasey Burke
Joel Carlson
Tawna Boucher and Michael Conyer
Andrea and Eric Custer
Piper and Dominic Engels
Michelle and Alan Franz
Denise Kwok and Roy Fu
Lise and Doug Geissert
Debora Polacheck and Arthur Hasson
Brent Hawkins
Heather and Bob Hoffman
Anna Bargagliotti and Joseph Johnson
PJ Harari and Daniel Kircher
Melissa and Jeff Koskinen
Jennifer Chung and Sean Lucy
Kristen Lukas
Emily and George Macias
Zoya and John Matich
Aimee and Alexander Murashko
Julie Wauchope and Ihor Nadberezny
Amy and Bobby Pearce
Jennifer Rood Ramirez and Carlos Ramirez
Nicole and Steve Shepley
Jeannie Slater
Marguerite and Rod Spackman
April Mcgrath and Lee Sparer
Stephanie and Benjamin Stewart
Strohbehn Family
Christopher Talbott
Susan and Bill Weintraub
Jennifer Somers and Andy Weis
Kirsten and Derrick Wood
Angelica and Jorge Zelada
Bea and Larry Zimbalist
Rachel and Josh Zuckerwise