Paddle Raise for Programs

In 2019-20, MBUSD was faced with a significant budget deficit, threatening layoffs of many educators in the district. Although MBEF funding was at an all-time high of $7.5 million in 2020/21, over half of the funding went towards preventing lay-offs of classroom teachers and stabilizing the classroom experience.

Ultimately, the cuts severely impacted the reach of MBEF programs, diminishing or eliminating the majority of them in a significant way. We had hoped to bring these programs back to full capacity for the 2021/22 academic year, but the significant decline in support of the Annual Appeal has prevented us from doing so as of now. MBEF will continue to fund our enrichment grants at the reduced level, as well as specific class size reduction in grades 4-5 and English and Math in grades 6-9.  

But we have the potential to do more!

As our schools prepare for the full return to the classroom in the Fall of 2021, we have the opportunity to focus on restoring full support of the enrichment opportunities aligned with the MBEF mission to inspire learning, enrich teaching and promote innovation and academic excellence. MBEF remains dedicated to supporting the academic journey of all students….we can move beyond the challenges of this last year together and embrace our students the way our community does best.